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Enrich your everyday life
by connecting with nature
through the work of Japanese artisans

MOIKA GALLERY is a worldwide platform that aims to spread a lifestyle of living richly in spirit by connecting people and nature through Japanese artisan’s works.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have considered nature and people as parts of the same Life. We feel that art and crafts made from soil, water and fire are best made by human beings who understand that we, too, were made by nature. Therefore, in Japan, traditional art has not been considered an individual expression, but rather a technique to awaken the idea of “human as nature.” In this way, we celebrate and refresh our lives. The person who is expert in such techniques is a true Japanese artisan.

We at MOIKA GALLERY feel that crafts are meant to be touched and perhaps used, as well as merely seen. They should inhabit a place in one’s everyday life, just like loving family, friends and pets. These crafts are not for simple display, mere objects in a museum. Instead, they should touch you, inspire you, and fit into your life as though they were always there.

Our mission is to connect you with the pieces that work best for you. We believe that crafts are most effective when they fit your personal lifestyle. No matter how wonderful a piece of work is, it will be useless if it doesn’t fit the owner’s philosophy, lifestyle and interior. To achieve this, we can offer suggestions of works that match you and your home.

One happy customer came from a family of tea farmers. When we discovered this, we suggested an elegant white porcelain tea set for her daily tea. She was delighted with the choice, and later told us, “Every time I take tea, I feel if I were with my parents in the local tea garden. I feel filled with love.”

This is our aspiration: That we can help deepen such connections between people by deepening the connections between them and the crafts they put in their homes. We hope to support people who want to live rich in spirit by delivering beautiful works that connect them with nature, and ultimately, with themselves.


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